Who is Chris?

Hi, I'm Chris. I like riding my bike.

I've never ridden in an organised cycling event before, but at the end of the Taupo Enduro 2016 I want to be sitting at the Endurance Riders Breakfast having ridden two laps, 320km, in a reasonable period of time. I'll probably need some help getting ready, and I'm on a budget, so no support crew or domestiques for me! To add to the fun, I'm currently overweight and under-fit, but that just adds to the challenge.

I have a wonderful family and a full-time job and in my spare time I like to do things that aren't cycling. I like flying quadcopters, growing vegetables, writing code; and I intend to keep doing these things (more or less) and still be ready for the 2016 Taupo Enduro.

My idea for this blog is to record my adventure so that I can share it with you, so if you are planning on doing the Enduro, or even just the regular Taupo Challenge Solo event, you can see that a relatively inexperienced amateur can complete this challenge, still walk afterwards, and still be married.
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